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Donald Hull was born in Beardstown, IL, but was raised in Savanna, IL where he attended the Assembly of God church. He married Ruth (Turner) on April 8, 1972 and they have three daughters — Lisa (Curtis), Angela (Manuel), Becky (rob). Their five grandchildren are Wyatt, Nathan, Taylor, Elizabeth, and Brianna.

Donald was baptized in Jesus name in 1972 in Freeport, IL and received the Holy Ghost in 1974 in Dubuque, IA. While living in Loveland, CO he accepted the call to ministry in 1976. Over the years they have worked wherever there was a need and/or asked to serve — teaching Sunday school, working bus routes, or leading the youth. They have attended TAS since 1989 and are currently serving as a CARE Minister and working bus route. Donald was anointed as an Elder in 2012, thus serves as a member of the Elder Board.

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